Message from Greg & Nicole

At The Greg Jennings Foundation, we believe in our youth and are pleased to continue our mission to provide students with the necessary resources to reach their academic potential. You often see and hear the word impact associated with the culture of The Greg Jennings Foundation. We believe that actions speak louder than words, which is the true essence of our existence.


Our programs and culture remains deeply rooted and we continue to remain driven in our efforts to not only provide monetary grants, but to foster personal relationships. Physical presence is often overlooked and is an essential link to fostering improvement in youth behavior and youth education. Although monetary giving is highly valued for The Greg Jennings Foundation, we’re grateful for the ability to put our mission into action. We consider time to be a valuable resource to assist in educating youth and providing them with the necessary tools for them to reach their academic potential and leave a lasting legacy.


Our success is a result of collective leadership. Thanks to our supporters, donors and community partners, The Greg Jennings Foundation will to continue to grow its impact in the Kalamazoo, Michigan and Minneapolis, Minnesota communities. We are grateful to our Board of Directors for their trust, support and continued advocacy and look forward to working with them as we remain committed to excellence, educational achievement, leadership, advancement and effectiveness.


Our passion for youth extends far beyond our family; we strongly believe that we have an obligation to provide a path to success for all youth, which is the central focus behind The Greg Jennings Foundation. To whom much is given, much is required. (Luke 12:48).